Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
Colombian President's Adviser Says Bitcoin Is "Brilliant"

The adviser to the president of Colombia, Jehudi Castro, claimed that Bitcoin is the most brilliant software he has ever known. Public supporter of digital currency, he was even Vice-Minister of Digital Economy in the neighboring country of Brazil. After El Salvador publicly supported Bitcoin, with a law regulating the currency for the first time, Latin America ended up standing out in the world in this sector. Paraguay, for example, has already introduced a law to regulate the sector, as have Argentina and Uruguay. But Colombia has an advanced agenda in the National Congress, and it may even be the next country to regulate Bitcoin on the continent, despite this reality being far from seen in El Salvador. On August 3, Congressman Mauricio Toro announced that he had sent his Bitcoin regulation project back to the National Congress, which should create rules for the market. According to him, this action will provide an alternative to the country’s banking system.

“We resent our Cripto Platforms Project! We will create a comprehensive regulation for trading cryptoactives and: closing the door to black markets; have an alternative to the banking system; guarantee security in transactions”.

“Bitcoin is the most brilliant software,” said a man linked to the president of Colombia

Jehudi Castro Sierra is one of the men in the Colombian government concerned about his country’s digital future, especially in the economy. He is unconventional in publicly stating that he is a fan of Bitcoin and hopes his country will absorb this technology soon. In a recent interview with CryptoPotato, Castro stated that he first met Bitcoin as open source. However, after his first encounter with technology, he realized how broad innovation was, deepening his studies in the sector, which are revealing day after day.

“I approached Bitcoin as a big open source project. After a while, I also became interested in the monetary innovation that this represents and I am still discovering new and amazing things on a daily basis.”

Former deputy minister of digital economy, Castro Sierra is now an advisor to President Iván Duque Márquez. In his interview, he stated that he is linked to technology and digital transformation in government and only that part of politics that interests him, he told CryptoPotato.

“Currently, one of the main focuses is around cryptocurrencies. We have an innovative sandbox where we allow exchanges to reach citizens in an easy and secure way. The idea is, with the information collected in this sandbox, to have a friendly regulation that encourages innovation and attracts investments”.

While recognizing that El Salvador’s Bitcoin law was a bold move, with some risks, it could be promising to attract investment to that country. Jehudi Castro is thus another actor linked to Bitcoin regulation in South America with a clear vision about the potential of adopting this technology for local populations.

By Dov Herman

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