Change the default search engine in Safari on Mac

Like the vast majority of browsers, in Safari we have the possibility of modifying the default search engine, which allows us to carry out inquiries from wherever we wantThe search engines available in this browser are not bad at all, they are the classic and varied ones, but there is also a little trick with which you can search from other unpublished portals

As you probably already know if you’ve been a Californian user for a long time, or you’re finding out if you just bought your first product from Cupertino, Safari is the default browser for Apple devices. We could say that it’s something like Chrome in Android, and therefore its operation is quite similar. Also in regards to configuration and customization. And that is why today we teach you how to change the default search engine of Safari on Mac, taking advantage of any search engine you want to use.

The interesting thing about modern browsers is that they allow us to modify many of the basic aspects related to their operation, and not only thanks to add-ons and extensions, in the cases in which they are supported, but also by accessing their Configuration section , where we can also make changes.

In the case of MacOS, Safari is a good product because it allows stable, fluid browsing that gets along well with all the other elements of the ecosystem. But we may not be satisfied with the default search engine. Fortunately, there is always the possibility of changing it to feel 100% satisfied.

How to modify Safari search engine on Mac?

In principle, we must say that the first part of this tutorial is quite simple. Because all you have to do is open Safari on your Mac, go to Safari in the upper left corner of the screen, and select Preferences. Automatically, a new window will open, and you must click on Search, to modify your preferences associated with search engines, selecting between Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing and Ecosia.

Once you have chosen the desired search engine, you can close the preferences panel. Hereinafter, all searches you perform from the address bar will use the specified search engine.

And here comes the most interesting thing, and that is that there are no reasons or reasons to stop only at those portals. The search engine you are looking for may be there, and that will satisfy you. But, if not, you can always use just one of them, in this case DuckDuckGo, to customize searches on Mac a little more.

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How to choose search engines not originally available?

As we said, although DuckDuckGo became famous for its privacy options, this time we are especially interested because it allows us to continue customizing search engines in macOS.

This is a smart solution to search the web with different search engines directly from Safari’s URL bar. One available thanks to the function DuckDuckGo “bangs”, as the additional operators are called, designed to perform limited searches on specific portals.

Within this search engine there are dozens of bangs from many of the most popular web pages worldwide. Thanks to which we can search concrete results, only within its contents. Eventually, the search will be done through the provider chosen by the site in question. So it is important to take this detail into account when understanding why some results are seen before others.

Among some of the portals that appear available thanks to this method, we can mention the following: YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Google Images, Gmail, and you can even determine Google through this trick.

In short, there is a lot of potential for search engines accessible in Safari on Mac right now. You can choose the one you want from those available. And, if you don’t like it, use DuckDuckGo’s bangs.