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Brazilians create cryptocurrency meme Mutt Finance ($REAU)



Brazil, 5G and digital currencies

The public more familiar with the subject has probably already heard of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency created in the United States, whose logo is the famous dog of the Shiba Inu breed, and which has obtained good results throughout its more than seven years of life. A project Brazilian, however, was released with the purpose of rivaling the American dog: it is the Mutt Finance ($REAU), whose mascot is the popular and very Brazilian “caramel mutt”. The caramel mutt token was developed in a decentralized finance protocol (DeFi). First of all, it is worth warning: this is a meme coin, a joke and, therefore, a high-risk and not recommended investment – but which, as with “competitor” Dogecoin, can appreciate depending on the number. of investors. In its social media profiles, always in jest, Vira-Lata Finance ($REAU) defines itself as “the first cryptocurrency meme in Brazil. Better than DogeCoin: deflationary, secure and self-sustaining”. “Since our government, despite printing money non-stop, did not let us put the caramel mutt on the R$ 200.00 bill, so let’s make the reAUUUUUUUU worth (well) more than 1 real”, says the description.

At least for now, the project aims not only to attract investors, but also to spread its “message” through memes on social networks. Among its general objectives are: “Helping non-governmental institutions to help abandoned animals; take the DeFi message and cryptocurrencies to the Brazilian public, offering an alternative to the centralized financial system; Encourage the first and most amazing DeFi community in Brazil! At least one billboard in a busy center.” Despite self-promotion, Vira-Lata Finance is not the first cryptocurrency meme in Brazil. Also in 20143 was created Dilmacoin, a satire of then president Dilma Rousseff. At the time, more than 50.4 million units of Dilmacoins were generated. Continues after advertising

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