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Brazilians can pay an additional R$3.6 billion to avoid energy shortages



Brazilians can pay an additional R$3.6 billion to avoid energy shortages

To prevent Brazil from facing a power outage in November 2021, consumers will be able to pay R$3.6 billion more on the electricity bill. The country is subject to rationing electricity consumption due to the depletion of a large part of the reservoirs of the hydroelectric plants. The warning about the possibility of a lack of energy was given last Thursday (July 22, 2021) by the ONS (National Operator of the Electrical System). If the forecasts are fulfilled, the reservoirs could close to collapse in November of this year. The institution stresses, however, that there is still no risk of shortages. The alert refers to the lack of extra power needed to meet any peaks in demand and ensure the stability of the system. Data from Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) show that the price of residential energy tariffs in Brazil has more than doubled in 8 years , going from BRL 300 per megawatt-hour in 2013 to BRL 602 in 2021 – an increase of 100.6%. In an attempt to maintain the supply, about BRL 726.4 million per month were spent from January to May 2021 The additional costs cover the activation of thermal plants, which generate more expensive energy. The value is passed on to the consumer through the tariff flag system. According to the ONS, the increase in the load forecast was caused by the growth of commerce and services activities and due to the high pace of industrial production, mainly geared towards exports. Abraceel (Brazilian Association of Energy Traders) informed that the current monthly cost should remain until November this year, when the drought period ends. In theory, the rainy season runs from December to March or April. It is expected that rainfall in regions where hydroelectric plants are located will be sufficient to fill reservoirs. The result for the consumer would be the lower cost of the electricity bill.Consulted by Folha de S. Paulo, Reginaldo Medeiros, executive president of Abraceel, said that now is the time for Brazil “to use all available resources to avoid rationing“, even if it’s expensive. He explained that the electrical system is not the same as in 2001, when the country faced a blackout. Therefore, the power outage can be avoided this time. “The electrical system is another. Before, it was fundamentally hydraulic; now, there are more sources available and a more efficient transmission system”, he said. In June, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, also guaranteed that the folder does not work with the hypothesis of electricity rationing in the face of the worst drought in the country. last 90 years. continue reading

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