Sat. Aug 13th, 2022
Axie Infinity's Twitter profile warned against fake Ronin on Google Play

The popular NFT game Axie Infinity has already made many people happy around the world, but a Brazilian youtuber almost lost 1 Ethereum when preparing to play the game. The report was told by Mateus Rapini, who has 240,000 followers on his YouTube channel, where he shares his experiences with investments in several sectors, cryptocurrency being one of them. Rapini became very famous in the Bitcoin community by buying ‘all’ the cryptocurrencies that exist, recording a video of his trading on the market in June 2022. At the time, he set aside $10 to buy all 304 cryptocurrencies listed in Binance. His experiment was based on whether any coin with just this small value could give him some positive result over time.

“Most of these coins I bought will turn to dust in a few years, but will the survivors have a winning ticket? It’s possible! I wouldn’t be surprised if there really is a winning ticket here. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching Dogecoin, it’s that in the world of cryptocurrencies, anything can happen. But I won’t be surprised if it all turns to dust.”

Brazilian Youtuber almost lost 1 Ethereum while preparing to play Axie Infinity

Last weekend, Mateus Rapini released a video about the scams he has seen happening in the cryptocurrency market, alerting the community to the risks. One of the ones he commented on was the creation of the Million Token token, created by youtuber Patrick Shyu, known by the TechLead channel, which has over 1 million followers. By creating a token to make his followers millionaires, he ended up being accused of defrauding the community, as he sold his coins in the market when the price was high. In other words, an influencer led people to buy an asset that he did not believe in, causing losses for those who invested in the project. Another scam cited by Brazilian Rapini in his video was about a young man who sold Axie Infinity mentorships to his followers. Consultants were sold on NFTs, but YouTuber ended up not delivering the promised service, even after becoming famous with the technique. However, Mateus Rapini himself was the target of an attempted coup linked to Axie Infinity that could be leaving people in trouble. That’s because, to play the game, you must have a Metamask and a Ronin wallet, the latter linked to the ecosystem of this game. Getting ready to play the game that has been giving a lot of money to its players, Rapini downloaded a version of Ronin Wallet on her Android and sent 1 WETH to her. He narrated how the app was apparently cool, as it was on the official Google Play store and with the name of the portfolio developers. However, when sending the value of 1 Ethereum to the wallet, the Brazilian verified that his balance in the application was different from the one presented in the browser extension. He then ran to see what was wrong, when he saw that Axie Infinity’s Twitter profile warned of a fake app scam in the Google store.
Axie Infinity Twitter profile warned against fake Ronin on Google Play/Twitter
The Brazilian ran to cash out and managed to get his Ethereum back, after almost losing the value in his wallet. The price of Ethereum today is R$ 17,700.00 per currency, with Rapini being able to breathe easier after guaranteeing that he escaped a sophisticated scam in the market. YouTuber warned that people should be careful with their wallets when interacting with new NFT games, which may be piquing the interest of scammers in the market.

By Dov Herman

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