Sat. Aug 13th, 2022
Boticário launches NFTs with Sabrina Sato starring in the campaign

With presenter Sabrina Sato, Grupo Boticário launched its first NFTs to immortalize the mouth of its customers on the blockchain. The pioneering initiative has the participation of investors, who will receive gifts after the purchase. The NFT market is not going through a good moment in 2022 as it was last year, when the value of digital items caught the attention of investors with high valuations. An NFT item, or non-fungible token, is a digital item registered on the blockchain, generating a permanent, immutable record that can be a photo, a video, or any other item. However, the Grupo Boticário initiative does not intend to create an item for market speculation, and an immersive experience was planned for the holders of these tokens.

Boticário launches NFTs and Sabrina Sato stars in the campaign

One of the largest companies in the cosmetics sector in Brazil is Grupo Boticário, which in addition to owning a brand with its name also has Eudora. Created in 2010, this holding company diversifies its investments in various brands and products. And as the newest initiative, Grupo Boticário launched its first NFTs on the market, in honor of Lipstick Day. With the campaign starring presenter Sabrina Sato, the goal is for her customers to buy an NFT and thus have their mouth immortalized on blockchain. To participate, interested parties can purchase a Gold or Platinum package. While Gold has a price of R$ 149.00, with a limit of 50 pieces, Platinum will have its price set at auction for 10 exclusive items. Promoting the new campaign, the NFT Boca Única Collection website was created, where interested parties can buy an item with payment in USDC cryptocurrency, credit card or via PIX. Daniel Knopfholz, vice president of Technology & Innovation at Grupo Boticário, recalled that the NFT is an exclusive item that will bring the brand closer to its consumers.

“For Grupo Boticário, it is essential to be present in a more relevant and personalized way in the consumer’s journey, considering each niche differently and nothing better than the NFT to illustrate this exclusivity. And this is where our purpose lives: to be close to our consumers, generating genuine connections, after all, we are not just a brand of products, but a brand of connection and focused on offering innovative solutions, services and products that provide technological experience. to our customers.”

What is the difference between NFT packages?

As per a statement shared with the livecoins, those interested in registering their mouth on the blockchain and participating in the campaign will be able to buy an option between two packages. In the Gold category, the user will be able to buy the NFT in the closed value of R$ 149 and after the payment confirmation process, send the image of his mouth via the platform and will receive an exclusive art immortalized in NFT, in addition to several other benefits such as physical products. of the brands O Boticário and Eudora. In the Platinum category, it will be a sale via auction in which the 10 people who make the highest bids will be winners, giving buyers the right to a visit to the Grupo Boticário factory among several other benefits in products, such as a complete suitcase with products and accessories, between others. Sales started this Friday and the auction will continue until next week.