Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

The NFT industry is growing fast and presently, it looks like everybody is discussing it. However, if you don’t get a chance to read through the dozens of posts about NFT or you don’t have an NFT enthusiast buddy who can give you information about it and clarify it all to you, subscribing to NFT podcasts might be the greatest method to comprehend it and stay current on business trends.


Listen to the 10 most well-liked NFT podcasts we’ve chosen for you to learn why someone would invest millions in the NFT market and what all the hype is about in this strange yet weirdly alluring growing sector.


The 10 Best NFT Podcasts 


1. Bankless


It is the spot to go when you’re seeking for a reliable resource to learn everything there is to know about Defi. The nicest thing about this podcast is that it explores various subjects in the NFT as well as cryptocurrency field that have the potential to have an influence on and potentially alter the internet structure itself. In addition to discussing the challenges and successes of the cryptocurrency industry.


2. Talk Show NFT


The NFT Talk Show provides all the knowledge regarding NFTs. You can listen to it and learn what experts say about NFTs. Everything relating to NFT, including updates and announcements, is available in it. This podcast collection is jam-packed with fascinating conversations with NFT creators and enthusiasts who might respond to each of your inquiries. You can check out their recent podcast shows to get an insight into the markets while highlighting some typical problems users might encounter.


3. Two Bored Apes


Among the finest places to get thoughtful analyses and conversations on a variety of well-known NFT initiatives is the Two Bored Apes podcast. The show’s wonderful speakers, Jamie and Roy (also named Zeneca in the NFT episode), shall make sure people love every bit of its latest shows, which are about 2 hours and 30 minutes.


4. Edge of NFT


The Edge of NFT podcast is the best resource for learning the leading 1% of NFT stuff. It could serve as a reference for determining which components and patterns in the NFT industry will endure and which ones will pass away quickly.


5. Modern Finance


Despite being one of the best NFT podcasts online, the Modern Finance podcast is pretty new to the NFT podcasting industry. It covers a wide range of topics, including yield farming, Defi, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, financial hacks, crypto trading platforms like the pattern trader, and of course, NFTs. 


Kevin Rose, the founder of the podcast, was included among the “25 Best Influential Individuals on the Internet” by Time Magazine. Join Kevin as he speaks with the many industry professionals creating cutting-edge financial solutions.


6. The Nifty Show


It is among the earliest podcasts on NFTs which started in the middle of 2020. Several of the top NFT developers have been interviewed. The two speakers of this podcast discuss everything about the NFT industry and the most recent developments, making it a great experience to listen to.


7. Unchained


It is one of the best NFT podcasts in the industry. The speaker, Laura Shin, describes how the existing economic markets, the idea of virtual reality, and our civilization as a whole are evolving as a result of currencies and blockchain networks.


8. The Mint Condition


It is jam-packed with in-depth discussions with important NFT personalities on a variety of NFT themes. This podcast covers a wide range of topics, including NFT flips, useful resources for starting NFT initiatives, and overall financial evaluations.


9. TokenSmart Podcast


Rizzle, Trislit, and other special contributors appear once a week on one of the Best NFT podcasts, TokenSmart Podcast which is presented by Sandymeows. The majority of the discussions are focused on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and the enthusiastic culture that has developed around them. The organization explores a wide range of topics, including blockchain systems, technology, entertainment, and the virtual world.


10. Welcome to NFT Heat


It is hosted by John Kraski and Justin Shenkarow. Every week, they present you with the best NFT influencers in the industry and go deeply into NFTs that will change the virtual world, Defi, and Crypto coins. They provide you with the NFT alpha you need to crush, whether you’re an expert in the field or a newcomer.