All streaming platforms available in Spain

Every day there are more streaming platforms on the market. Each of them offer a wide variety of content such as series, movies, live programs, documentaries and more. Some platforms are more content type orientedsuch as FlixOlé, which focuses on Spanish cinema, or Filmin, whose most important content is independent cinema.

Among the content platforms that we find in Spain, we will find some general ones, as well as free platforms and some thematic ones.

To help all those users who have not yet decided which streaming platform to choose, we have made a list of all the ones that work in Spain.

-Netflix: Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming platforms. It has one of the largest catalogs of films and series, both its own production and large international productions.

-HBO Max: The HBO streaming platform has the best series from the production company. Recently, all Warner Bros’ own content has also been added, so it has a very extensive and really interesting catalogue, with legendary series such as “The Sopranos” or “The Wire”.

-Disney+: Disney+ features all the classic and modern Disney movies. In its catalog we will also find FOX movies and series. Among its contents it is also possible to enjoy all the “Star Wars” movies and series and all the productions linked to Marvel.

-Amazon Prime Video: Amazon’s streaming platform is one of the cheapest, since this service is part of “Amazon Prime”. Prime Video also has a catalog of movies, series and documentaries, with its own productions and those of third parties. In addition, you have the option to buy or rent movies, as well as a series of channels, such as Starzplay or FlixOlé, that we can add to Prime Video to expand its content.

-Apple TV: Apple’s streaming service offers series and movies, with third-party and proprietary content, such as the comedy “Ted Lasso” that has been one of the revelations of recent years. It has multiple subscription options, the option to view content on multiple screens at once, and has apps for multiple operating systems.

-Movistar+ and Movistar+ Lite: Movistar has its own streaming platform, which has two variants, the normal one that is available only to the company’s customers, and the “Lite”, which has a reduced price. Movistar+ Lite offers a series of thematic and traditional DTT channels, as well as original and third-party series, as well as sports.

-Starzplay: Starzplay is a television channel, turned into a streaming platform. On this platform, which can be contracted as part of the Orange TV package or as an Amazon Prime Video channel, but also independently. Here we can find a good catalog of series, own and third parties.

-Rakuten TV: Rakuten TV is a streaming platform of Japanese origin. In it, we can find a large catalog with series, movies and documentaries, as well as content aimed at children, and some channels such as Euro News or The Guardian. Rakuten TV has a free option in which we can see a large part of the platform’s content.

-Film: Filmin is a streaming platform focused on independent cinema, although it also has commercial series and movies, great successes and classic films. This is the perfect streaming service for movie lovers.

-fuboTV: fuboTV is a streaming service, with a cheap subscription price, that offers series, children’s programming, TV shows and movies. fuboTV has a channel, “Movistar Series 2” where we can see some of the Movistar series, such as “The Good Fight” or “Riverdale”. In addition, we have thematic channels and DTT, as well as the option to record up to 30 hours of content that is stored in the cloud.

-Acorn TV: Acorn TV can only be contracted if you are a Vodafone, Orange or Amazon Prime customer. It has series, television channels and movies, both its own production and those of third parties.

-FlixOlé: FlixOlé is the streaming platform focused on Spanish movies and series. It is a platform created in Spain and has rescued some of the great Spanish productions. It also has some Italian and international films.

-Mubi: Mubi, like Filmin, is a platform for lovers of independent cinema. It is a different service, since it has some of its own characteristics, such as the choice of the “movie of the day” or the billboard, in which they select some films that are shown highlighted for some days.

-against+: Another platform focused on independent cinema. In this case, it has a feature called “collections”, in which we can find separate movie categories.

-Planet Horror: A streaming platform focused on horror movies and series. It is a perfect platform for lovers of scary movies, since it has a select catalog, with all genres of horror.

-We are Cinema TVE: It is the film platform of Radio Televisión Española, so it is a free service. Here we can find a lot of Spanish films, as well as children’s and animation films.

-Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is a streaming platform for manga lovers. Here we will find the most famous manga series and movies, as well as some very specialized titles.

-Spamflix: In Spamflix we will find only cult cinema. The content is updated every month and we can find movies like “Justino: assassin of the third age” or “VOID”. One of the characteristics of the platform is that it has games.

-hayu: For reality TV lovers, “hayu” has everything you are looking for. In this case, all content is in English.

-iQIYI: It is a streaming platform with Chinese series and movies, so all the content that we will find are the country’s own productions.

-DAZN: DAZN is a platform focused on sports. Here we can find football, both Spanish and international (since it has the Premier League), and also Formula 1, Moto GP, boxing and other types of sports.

-Barça TV: Barça TV is the content platform of the Spanish football club. Here we will find documentaries, information and news about the club, content about the team and the players, as well as a series of old broadcasts.

-Eurosport: Eurosport is one of the biggest sports channels in the world. Here we will find information, news, documentaries and everything from live sports broadcasts.

-Footers: At Footers we can enjoy all the RFEF First and Second Division matches.

-Discovery+: It is the services of “docu realities” or reality television documentaries. It has content from many categories such as crime, paranormal, science or survival.

-LaLigaSportsTV Plus: A free service, where we can enjoy all the LaLiga SmartBank matches, as well as the LNFS, ASOBAL, LaLiga Santander, with matches and summaries, documentaries and summaries of the best goals of each day.

-PlutoTV: Pluto TV is a free television service, in which we can find thematic channels, as well as movies and series. The channels are divided by themes, but it also has channels focused on programs such as a channel dedicated to “Curro Jiménez”.

-Plex: Plex is a content server, which allows us to create our own streaming service, but it also has content channels, series, and movies. However, all of this free content is in English.

-Rlaxx: As PlutoTV is a free service, with advertising, in which we can watch a large number of series, movies, and channels. In this case, all the content that we will see will be in English.

-DistroTV: Distro TV is another free service, with advertising, in which we will have all kinds of channels, as well as content on demand, where we can watch series and movies in streaming. Distro TV has channels from all over the world, although all content is in English.

-Platforms of telephone companies: In Spain, most telephone companies have their own content platforms. In this sense, we have Vodafone TV, Orange TV, Movistar+ and Agile TV, which is part of the Yoigo, Másmóvil or Euskaltel services. These streaming services offer themed channels, on-demand content and, in some cases, live sports.

-TV platforms: Finally, many of the Spanish DTT television channels have their own streaming platforms, where we can see all the programs, series and movies of the channels, as well as their own content. In Spain we can find Atresplayer Premium with Atresmedia channels, Mitele Plus with Mediaset channels, RTVE Play with TVE content; CanalSur Más, with the content of Canal Sur and Tivify, with all the Spanish DTT channels.