If you do any type of financial transaction over the Internet, you must already know some of the essential “little secrets” so that we can maintain our security on the network, right? But what about when you make transactions using cryptocurrencies? Do you also keep an eye on your security and the protection of your data? It is often said that transactions involving cryptocurrencies are made anonymously, which is, to a certain extent, true. However, there are ways to make this even more secure and the main one is using a VPN. Learn all about VPNs now and why you should consider using one.

What is VPN for cryptocurrencies?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. Through a VPN, we can establish more secure connections on the Internet, especially when using public networks. The function of a VPN is to encrypt all your traffic, thus disguising your identity on the web. This type of action makes it more difficult for malicious users to track your steps on the web and steal your data, given that all the encryption that the VPN creates takes place in real time.

5 reasons to use VPN for crypto

Here we highlight 5 reasons to use a VPN for cryptocurrencies in all your transactions, helping to preserve your security!
1 – Get truly secure access to the Internet
Using a VPN camouflages your data on the web, making your access and browsing safer and, above all, protected.
2 – Have all your devices always protected
You can use a VPN on any type of device – smartphone, tablet or computers, making all your browsing safer, no matter how it is done.
3 – Enjoy an even faster connection
No buffering: Enjoy the full bandwidth of your Internet connection, browsing any type of website or media.
4 – Protection against cyber threats
Browse the Internet always protected against any type of virtual threat. No malware, malicious websites and files.
5 – Browsing without distractions
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Best VPN for Cryptocurrencies

Now that you know all the reasons to use a VPN, do you want to know which is the best option on the market?


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Using secure browsing mechanisms is essential to make your financial transactions in cryptocurrencies. Whether to buy, sell or invest, using a VPN is essential. And no one understands that better than NordVPN. Come live the Internet more safely!
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